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Welcome to the Alabama Community College System's Data Access and Exchange (DAX).

DAX was created by the Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) as a reporting service for the Alabama Community College System (ACCS).
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If you are looking for the Dax Data Maintenence site, please visit DDM


Getting assistance with DAX is easy!  First, check the Frequently Asked Questions section.  If your request is not covered there, just e-mail dax.help@accs.edu.  Please be sure to include as much information in your e-mail as possible to help expedite your solution.  

Affidavit Dates

Affidavits for a term are available for creation and signature
between the following dates:

Fall Term: January 1 - January 15
Spring Term: June 1 - June 30
Summer Term: September 1 - September 15


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The DAX Steering Committee is comprised of members from ACCS colleges and ACCS personnel.  The committee can be reached by e-mail at daxsteeringcommittee@accs.edu.  For a listing of roles within the DAX system, please visit the DAX Roles page. If you need assistance, please see the Help! page.

Current membership (as of May 2019) is:

Kelly Birchfield, Alabama Community College System
Ben Rosebrock, Alabama Community College System
Jamie Glass, Lawson State Community College
Jessica Caroll, Wallace State Community College(Selma)
Andrew Davis, Enterprise State Community College
Mandy Lanier, Wallace Community College - Dothan
Amanda Kin , Jefferson State Community College
Linda McIntosh, Jefferson State Community College
Lisa Stephens, Bevill State Community College
Angie Stone, Northwest-Shoals Community College

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